FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

To fill in the survey correctly, first of all you have to provide truthful information. Then you have to select any survey, Personally I recommend 1 or 2 survey.Typically, there are two types of survey: the first type, you must enter your phone number. In the second type of survey you need to enter information about yourself. In all the surveys are anything to win, so it is appropriate to give the real data.After successfully completing the survey, the file will be automatically downloaded. If the file doesn't download, it means that you poorly filled out the survey.
As you can see everything on our site is free. We upload files on web hosting where you have to fill out the survey because it offers us the greatest rate for downloading files. In such way we have the means to further develop the page, programs, and games.
Pops archive error because the file was wrong downloaded. Please download the file again. If the problem persist, please send us a message.
Error probably occurs because you don't have the latest version required software such as: java, net framework or adobe flash. Please install the required software. If the problem persists, please contact us.